48 & 50 Victor Avenue

48 and 50 are owned by the same people who own 52 and 54. It was once a very, very, very, very ugly new house that was replastered and updated with this new look. It is such a nice improvement and fits in nicely with 71 Victor.

Not sure if #48 is on the top floor or the bottom floor or on the left side or the right side. When that mystery solved we can find #50 and perhaps find Fluffy who was lost in 1974 somewhere around this house.


3 Responses

  1. We just moved in and it’s taken me a month to figure out that 48 is the top(where we live), 50 is the middle and 50b is the basement. It was very confusing…lol

  2. Welcome to the street and solving a long standing mystery. So your apartment is both windows at the top and not side split. Could never figure that out. And didn’t even know there was a 50B. More street numbers… but just a minute what did you have as an address when you moved in?

  3. Yeah, each floor is a separate apartment. When we moved in they referred to it as apartment #3 of 48-50 Victor Ave. Our mailbox says 48 and our doorbell says 2nd floor. I wish I knew more about how houses are numbered.

    We really like this neighbourhood so far. Although we are all eagerly awaiting Spring. 🙂

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