38 Victor Avenue

Names: Beth, Lisa, Kobe, Adrian
Basement Name: Isabel
Pets: Luka

They used to known as the Porch People because they lived on their porch in all kinds of weather smoking. This spring they redid their backyard and are now the Backyard People. They are rarely seen on the front porch. Don’t worry about the piled up newspapers on the front porch – they are still alive.

Emma Eulalia has reportedly moved to 51 Victor due to the comments she read below.

HELLO… new renter arriving at 38 Victor. The renter has moved on. Not sure where he went but the ladies didn’t like his decorating job.


13 Responses

  1. I am suing! By the way, whats with the picture of your new girlfriend doing beneath our house??? You can’t hide her forever guys so fess up.

    Ps. the rumour about the guys at #35 is true.

  2. Rumor has it that this is the woman who fell over the fence while you were in Victoria vacationing.

    I could be wrong… I was once!

  3. Emma Eulalia is a troubled and conficted and is hoping that the residents of 38 Victor and help her ‘come out’ of her shell and be the debutant she wants to be. She is quite light on her feet as witnessed by the fence leap in August

  4. there she is—–send her back, i need my house cleaned!

  5. You heard the women Ricky…move Ms. Emma to her house page..lol

    Btw – I will be making some additions to the blog over the weekend – stay tuned.

  6. Thanks for Emma Eulalia, she was fine until this weekend. We arrived home to a messy house so she has got to go! Where should she move next—-perhaps the boys need her.

  7. ha ha ha…sorry she didn’t work out for you Hailee just be sure not to send her back to 38 Victor – OKAY!

  8. i hear that the fellas at 16 Victor really like her. She may never come back!

  9. Okay Ricky! ha ha ha ha ha….please move rabbit man back to your house which is where we know he really belongs. Or maybe Kevin and Stephen would like him to visit for a while? Any takers. :o)

  10. Beth, Beth, Beth. What makes you think I have any control over where these people choose to live. They come to you for a reason and you need to look deep inside to find out why they have chosen 38 Victor.

    And where did you get the term ‘Rabbit man’. Honey he’s a bunny.

  11. Okay bunny, rabbit..whatever Ricky he needs to move along. I really think Chris could use a new friend so why not bring him on over to your house. You have a fabulous basement and i am sure he would be quite comfortable there.

  12. I have left. I poured my soul into decorating your house and you want me to move across the street where they have no taste and live in a basement. I am gone forever.

  13. see ya!

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