36 Victor Avenue


If you have been using the Victor Car Honk Alarm Service to wake up early in the morning or use it as a late night reminder to go to bed, then time to make some changes.

The owner of the Victor Car Honk Alarm has decided to close his business after several weeks in business. He didn’t get the response he was hoping for even though the service was free. In fact, several residents on the street seemed annoyed at the new service even though each alarm seemed to attract quite a few residents out of their homes and into the street.


3 Responses

  1. Well I am very sorry to hear that the wake up service has been discontinued. I was very happy when the alarm went off at 0540 the morning I had to be up early to catch a flight. It saved wear and tear on my own alarm clock and woke everyone up in the house not just me so I didn’t have to wake anyone else up.

    Hats off to a great service!

  2. Who put in the wake up call for 3 a.m. and then the snooze alarm for 3:10 am?

    I thought the service had been cancelled but looks like it has been brought back by popular demand. If you want I will take up a collection for an alarm clock as I don’t want to share in your waking-up experiences.

  3. My god it has to stop! Park the car on Broadview-no better park it in the field at Riverdale Park!!!

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