35 Victor Avenue

Yes 35 Victor Avenue has a swimming pool. Supposedly there are 5 in Riverdale and three are on Riverdale Avenue. It was put in in 1990 .

Richard and Chris live there without pets. Both are retired with perhaps a bit too much time on their hands.

Nicknames: The Pool People

Who lived here in 1911

36 19 McBride Monica 35 Victor Ave F Head S Apr 1868 43

37 19 Bough Harry M Lodger S Oct 1885 25

38 19 Dobson Florence(?) F Lodger S Sep 1884 26

39 19 Knight(?) Carrie(?) F Lodger S Nov 1883 27

Monica moved here with her father Edward Thomas McBride who was a farmer in Peel. He died at 35 Victor in 15 Nov 1909. Monica later married in 01 Jan 1912 Edgar Gould Brown. Edgar was a widower whose wife Emma Victoria Goring had died 26 Nov 1910 in Thorold Twp., Welland Co., Ontario, Canada. By coincidence Edgar Gould Brown and I are relate through his mother Jannette Vanderberg. Edgar knew Monica because his wife’s sister Eliza Jane Goring married Monica’s brother John McBride 10 Feb 1886. Edgar died 29 Sep 1941 in Toronto. I don’t know when Monica died.


3 Responses

  1. did you put that comment on my page……..

  2. i don’t live in a glass house-are you picking on me.

    mmmm! ok-i will give you some dirt-in person.

  3. thanks for moving the ol’ lady to my house. Do you know if she does windows.

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