55 Victor Avenue New Record Price

This house was in one family for three generations until the grandson sold it. Rumour has it that parking was big issue for the former owner.

The house was listed at $729,000 and sold for $760,000. This is a record setting price for a semi. The highest price paid for a house I think belongs to 14 Victor.

Our new neighbours are Yves and David who move in in a few weeks.


8 Responses

  1. saw them moving in the fluff today—rumour has it they are asking 749K and it has ONE bathroom.

  2. Parking wasn’t their only issue. Rumour has it that they couldnot stand the frequency of big gay parties next door!

  3. The price is now $729 and they found a bathroom in the basement.

  4. listing for 729K

    has 3 bathrooms-thank god.

  5. uh no! 2 bathrooms confirmed……mmmmm! 729K
    i think they should kick back some cash to the neighbours that they have inconvenienced since May!

  6. Looked it up on MLS $729,900.00 Offers October 4th.

  7. David and Yves are cute.

  8. Somethings up here today – police cars with dogs and Global News…hope everything’s okay.

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