55 Victor House $760,000

They got $760,000?

Post the price you think they will get for 55 Victor? The closest price without going over will get a bottle of wine donated by the other posters.Rules

  1. One bid per household member
  2. Make sure you name and house number is visible when you post – Anonymous Bidders won’t get wine.
  3. Each losing bidder will donate a portion of the wine cost.
  4. Wine will be given awarded at the Victor Avenue Bistro
  5. Bids will be accepted only up to October 4, 2007

If the house does not sell by October 4 then we wait until it does sell. So price for that eventuality.

Hailee Won so pay up


16 Responses

  1. 38 Victor – Beth & Lisa

    Lisa -715,000

    Beth – $705,000

  2. $740,000

  3. 35 Victor – Richard


  4. 760K

  5. 37 victor – $797,500

  6. $765,000

  7. Andrea: $748,000

    Jeff: No sale on Thursday

  8. i agree with Jeff-it’s not going to sell this week. Traffic has been low.

  9. But the contest still requires a price that can be lower than asking. Or should we repost if it doesn’t sell October 4.

  10. Chris – 800k

  11. damn chris… bring my bid up to $800,001

  12. A proxy bid on behalf of “dial up Ross” He thinks

  13. Hi Everyone,

    If the house sells this weekend-we’ll be around to collect your dollar next week and then award the fine bottle of wine to the closest guest.

    Have a nice long weekend.

  14. great news for the street… claudio just called – he got $760K

    kudos to hailee!

  15. regarding sales prices for other homes:
    121 was listed $699,000 and sold for $695,000 in 13 days
    123 was listed for 489,000 and sold for 537,500

  16. No for sale sign has gone up and info from real estate agents is that it has been posted as closed. So maybe the contest is still running

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