37 Victor Avenue

Names: James, Tamara, Addison (the Addition), Ainsley (the Add-on)
Pets: a cat

This bed appeared in their backyard the other day. Perhaps with two small children they are afraid they will wake them at night and have taken it outdoors as it were. Perhaps they are planning an interesting couples party. Perhaps they are renting out the backyard with the lovely cabana you can see in the background. Perhaps they are adding an Alberta guest suite.


2 Responses

  1. The bed is gone. Tamara said when they brought it in the house and put it up it tilted. It now sits forelorn in the side alley

  2. You know he bed could be used in case of a large backup at the Bistro…
    If the couch is full the bed could be set up for sleepers.
    Just a thought… time to dye my hair again

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