51 Victor Avenue

Names: Kelly, Hailee and Mikah
Pets: Betel & Ella

AKA The Bistro.

Emma Eulalia has moved from 38 Victor to 51 Victor and then to 16 Victor after her party got out of hand while the landlords were away.


10 Responses

  1. Someone in this household knows a lot and is telling.

  2. Something about people who live in glass houses…..

  3. I think these two are really sisters, who are trying to blend in as “normal” on a queer friendly street. They just can’t bring themselves to tell anyone that they are actually related, but if you watch them very closely, they even dress alike. And what’s with always sporting the same hairdo?

  4. This could be getting at the truth of the issue. They do look alike. I know they have different last names but this could be explained if their mother had married twice. In fact their names almost rhyme but at least poor Mikah wasn’t called Mikee.

  5. Now what is this all about? I have never heard anything like this before. Well maybe..

    So what is with the double hair doo? Two for the price of one?
    hmm the plot thickens

  6. Emma Eulalia looks in windows but she doesn’t do them.

  7. Please enjoy Emma! Let us know how she works out…lol

  8. I have a washer and dryer for sale—325 for both
    nothing wrong with them

    top load GE brand
    3 cycle, 9 speed.

  9. Why buy your washer and dryer when you can get Emma Eulalia at 16 Victor and a backyard clothes line for room and board?

  10. ok Mr. Hot Suit—i gotta get rid of these machines-my new ones are arriving on Thursday and i’d rather not play ring around the machines in my basement.

    I am selling them at a good price-perhaps if someone would pay Emma a decent salary she could purchase them and clean that ragged dress!

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