New Bistro Opening on Victor

The Bistro

Toronto Life refers to this Bistro as a real gem in Riverdale. Hailee has poured a lot of love and foot work into realizing her dream of opening a little French Bistro in Riverdale. There is only one table but they have opened up a Lounge next door – The White Couch where you can wait for a table. (If the White Couch is occupied try the Mattress Room across the street.) Come early as residents love to sit on sip their drinks while Hailee gives advice whether you want it or not.


4 Responses

  1. I had a coffee there Saturday and the service was great although busy. Be careful there as the dogs like to sniff. I saw one woman have an intimate moment with Betel.

  2. Well I think it is a bit pricey. And I wonder if Jeff ( also known as Andrea’s husband ) has had his toes around the toe food. It worries me a bit because I know what he can do with his toe…or I have heard about his toe dance thing.
    It is nice to have a bistro on the block though.

  3. Finally made it to the Bistro … the coffee was interesting and the biscotti was good.

    Know what you mean about the dog.. my god I had shorts on and that snout of hers was up my pant leg and a bit too close to parts I cannot name here.

    Still think it is a bit overpriced.

  4. Well I was there with you and I think you paid too much for a dog sniff. I think the dog would have sniffed for free.

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