Contractors We Like or Don’t like

Simply add your favourite or least favourite contractor below with a link to how you can find them or a phone number.

1. Ask Andrea Gare – you can add a comment to her Blog Entry

2. Downtown Gas for Heating and Gas Fitting – good

3. Convertible Heating and Air – good

4. Monarcy Tiles – bad


3 Responses

  1. Don’t use Monarcy Tile-he does not stand by his work.

  2. Looking for a new furnace or air conditioner? Convertible Heating and Air-great company, great work and prices

  3. Metalex Doors did incredible work with our front entry door. We had our screen door replaced with one of their security storm doors, (we made it into their gallery, guess which one!) & we’re very happy with the quality & their workmanship. Great stuff.

    Metalex Doors

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