Room for Rent Wanted

Have you got a room or rooms to rent? I am one of the bullied buyers who has lost bid after bid to live on Victor Avenue and I desparately want to live on this street. I was heartbroken when my bid for $456 did not get me 55 Victor Avenue. I had raised my bid considerably after losing 53 Victor Avenue.

This is a picture of me at Easter bringing fabulous goodies to the residents of my old street. I love celebrations of any kind and would love to help you decorate your house. Halloween is my favourite holiday.

I am single, very tidy and have a great sense of fun. I love pets. So please leave a comment if you have a room for rent.

Some little bird told me there was an empty room at Beth’s and Lisa’s
so I have moved in there and it is fabulous. We are planning a pajama party Friday night.


2 Responses

  1. perhaps you could move in with Emma!!

  2. HELLO (in large letters)

    I have moved on the street and am looking forward to that Halloween decorating contest.

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