Parking Problems on Victor Avenue

Solution to Parking?

This was received from Paula Fletcher about Parking

From: Councillor Fletcher
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 10:52:56 -0400
To: Councillor Fletcher

Subject: Re: RESULTS – Victor Avenue Permit Parking

Dear Friend,

In September I received a petition from residents of Victor Avenue, from Broadview to Howland, asking to add permit parking only hours on this block. The proposal was to add 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday to the existing overnight hours. The petition represented a lot of time and effort by local residents.

In response to the petition, ballots were hand-delivered by my staff to every home on this block so you could all express your opinions regarding the proposed change. More than 50 people took the time to vote.

33 people voted against the change and 19 people voted in favour. I promised to be guided by the wishes of the majority of residents therefore, I will not be requesting that this change be made.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.




4 Responses

  1. Hi Richard,
    Kevin from 16 here…..Stephen is in Berlin at the moment but I though this may be of interest for the blog. Stephen’s responce to Paula’s letter.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: McDonnell Stephen, V4-CA-M
    To: ‘’ CC: ‘’ Sent: Tue Oct 16 12:01:50 2007
    Subject: Re: RESULTS – Victor Avenue Permit Parking

    Dear Councillor Fletcher

    Thankyou to you and your staff for taking the time to prepare, circulate and compile the results of this ballot.

    As you know, I circulated the petition during the summer months and collected 40 signatures in total. My canvassing on behalf of my fellow residents was by no means exhaustive, and given the time involved, I decided to stop once I reached 40.

    The ballot results, as you have disclosed in this e-mail, reflected 33 “no’s” and 19 “yes’s” to the proposal. Ballots can sometimes not necessarily reflect the true sentiment as they often provoke a response from those strongly opposed to the proposal. At the same time, those who had signed the petition may also have decided not to respond, as their signature and support had already been noted in the original petition.

    Obviously there’s no way of knowing completely without making a door to door solicitation on the subject. However, the 40 signatures gathered still out-number the 33 ballots returned and which said “no”. On this basis, the proposal received majority support and should be put forward to Council as a proposed amendment to the existing permit parking hours.

    Whether this is a valid statement ot not, I think you’d agree that enough residents feel frustrated by the current parking situation. Perhaps if the proposal submitted had been less extreme, then perhaps there would have been fewer “no’s” on the subject. However, the proposal was one of only a few presented to us by Brian Holditch of Transportation Services and deemed acceptable.

    There are other possible solutions which could be implemented and which would likely result in fewer “no’s”. For example:

    > create an equal number of “permit holder only” spots on the south side which are effective during the period when those “permit holder only” spots on the north side are not available (i.e. from December 1st until March 31st).

    > extending the period when the existing “permit holder only” spots on the north side are available. Currently, they are available from April 1st until November 30th. Perhaps this period could be extended by one month or so, to allow availability of these spots to residents for a longer period of time.

    > modify the existing proposal such that the “permit holder only” period is shorter. Instead of from 4pm until 8pm, Monday thru Friday, why not from 5pm until 7pm, Monday thru Thursday?

    > Furthermore, since the most difficult time of the year for residents to find a parking spot is from Dec. 1st until Mar. 31st (the period when the “permit holder only” spots on the north side are no longer available), this could be further restricted so that it applies only to the period Dec. 1st until Mar. 31st.

    Paula – I feel that there is real frustration on the Street from permit holders concerning the current parking situation. As I mentioned above, the 40 signatures on the petition still out-number the 33 “no’s” received in ballot responses.

    Obviously, any solution identified needs to be acceptable to all residents regardless of whether they use permit parking or not. The 40 residents on that petition, would likely support a modification to the original proposal, even if it went part-way to resolving the parking situation at peak hours and in the winter months.

    However, to identify alternatives over and above those presented originally by Brian Holditch of Transportation Services, requires the assistance and expertise of your office and this is currently not the case.

    I am more than willing to help in whatever way possible in resolving this to the agreement of permit holders, non-permit holders, your office and any other relevant stakeholder.

    I look forward to your response.

    Best regards,

    Stephen McDonnell
    Sent from my Super Quick MINI Blackberry Wireless Handheld

  2. P.S. Love your blog! And Emma is settling in well….so far anyway!

  3. Glad Emma is settling in. She needs some support after her problems down the street.

    Thanks for the letter from Paula. Perhaps Stephen could use the blog to get more support or rephrase the question.

  4. My comment to Ms. Fletcher

    Ms. Fletcher,

    This is unfortunate-while I was against the time (4-8) I find it frustrating that we were not given options. I would also be very curious as to who voted ie: those with parking, renters, those with 2 cars etc. There needs to be a solution to the parking issue on this street. As in my previous email this is only one of the problems on this street and I and many other neighbours find it disconcerting that we cannot come up with a reasonable solution. As I have mentioned the speeding on this street should be a priority and then the parking. Why the time frame had to be from 4-8 only, is confusing to some. I have spoken to many that voted against the time and not the solution proposed, many residents thought 4-6 was reasonable. What is unreasonable is coming home from work and finding yourself parking on neighbouring streets. I would like you to tell us what our options are and not just close the issue.

    Thank you ,

    Hailee Morrison

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