Rumor – Wal Mart wants to open at Pape/Eastern area

Rumor has it that Wal Mart want to open a store in the Pape/Eastern area. There was a meeting somewhere in the area last night to discuss this proposal. Apparently Paula Fletcher’s office seems to know a lot about this proposal and there is supposed to be a website dedicated to this whole proposed development. I think Wal Mart would have a devastating impact on all the new development of stores along Queen street. We already have the mega Canadian Tire store at Leslie/Lakeshore.

If anyone knows anything about this development let the street know. I will follow up with Paula Fletcher.



3 Responses

  1. Joe Clark has some reporting on two meetings that went down over the last few months:

    And here’s the anti-bigbox store website

    It looks like it’s being whitewashed by the city, with some dirty tricks and rezoning going on.

  2. i know there was a petition to stop this.
    i signed one at East End Garden Centre. Walmart -YUCK and i’ll stop there

  3. Update on Wally Mart (aka Wal Mart)

    If you want to see the website for the proposed ” Shops of Leslieville” go to :

    Still no comment from Councillor Flecher’s office on the whole proposal.

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