David Miller and New Taxes

Not sure if this is the right finger we expected in Riverdale, to express what he thinks about passing the new tax on house sales.


5 Responses

  1. while i am the first to admit that David Miller is “hot” he is also dumb for doing this. Toronto is responsible for the lions share of revenue generated in this country and we don’t see much of it come back to us as tax payers. It is time that Toronto stop carrying this country and the Feds take some responsiblity.

  2. Can we stop complaining about Miller (who seems to be the first mayor to be responsibly starting to deal with the city’s fiscal imbalance) and start wagging our fingers at our do-nothing provincial leader McGuinty and those swimming-in-cash Feds. Provincially driven amalgamation started this mess, Miller is just the “lucky” guy to have to clean it up.

  3. Given the view the rest of the province and country has towards Toronto it is unlikely we are going to share in any provincial or federal largesse. I am still puzzling over Newfoundland’s desire to remove resource royalties from equalization payment calculations. Have and have not I guess.

  4. i think i did point my finger at the Feds–so Miller is powerless???

  5. ok-i take it back—Richard is “hot”, nice suit.

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