1 Victor Avenue

First house on the street. They own the building beside them on Broadview. That building was the original home for Nellies – a shelter for abused women.


4 Responses

  1. They do. Rumour died.

  2. I recently moved in to the corner building and my address is on Victor (1a). I’ve been wondering about its history… Richard, or anyone, if you read this… do you know when exactly it was Nellie’s?

    Also, what rumour died??

  3. Welcome Matt

    I think technically your house is on Broadview yet you must have the door on Victor. I didn’t realize it was 1A so I will have to add a picture to the house to the blog. The house was Nellies in the 1980’s but has been apartments for a long time. I think the rumour that died was someone confirming that the people at 1 own your building.

  4. Thanks Richard! That’s really interesting to know about Nellie’s.

    The house now has a Broadview address and two on Victor: 1A and 1B. The Victor addresses have the Victor postal code.

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