122 Victor Avene


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  1. 122 Victor ……Mary Moore.
    She was like a grandmother to the Poirier girls. Are family took her in as member of our family. She babysat us, spent hoilday dinners with her. We played with her grandaughter when she came to visit. She made banana muffins that were as hard as rocks (but we ate them) I heard from my best friend she died a few years back. She divorced her husband and had only 1 child a son. She lived at 122 by herself for many many years.

    • My family lived at 136 Victor Avenue from 1902. My grandparents, Arthur and Mary Dimond bought the house and our family lived in it until 1967. I certainly knew 122 Victor Avenue as my very dear friend Joyce (Richards) Young and her family lived there from at least 1933 until the mid ’40s. The house was a rented house at that time as were many in the area. My other friend Carol (MacGregor) Wilkie lived at 150 Victor. Another friend was Peggy (Pollock) Burgess who lived at 118 Victor. Her grandparents bought the house in the late 1800s and lived there until Grandma Pollock had to go into a nursing home in the 50s. Peggy Joyce, Carol and I all started kindergarten together at Withrow School and keep in touch still. It’s great to read about my old street as I have many happy memories of the area.
      Betty (Robinson) Henderson

  2. I remember Mary Moore too. By the time I noticed her she was badly bent over and would walk so slowly up to street using her shopping cart like a walker. She was always nicely dressed and made up. Her spunk was an inspiration to anyone younger on the street. I remember having breakfast one morning at the New Yorker and my wife looked up and said. “There’s Mary Moore on the TTC heading to the subway.”

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