111 Victor Avenue

What’s going on here?

Linda McGill and her parents used to live in this house.  Linda’s mother said she was one of the oldest living resident on the street. Never saw a for sale sign but one day they were gone.

Workers have been on site for months now and no sign of a for sale sign.


2 Responses

  1. Oh how I miss Jean, Bill, Linda Ricky and of course David McGill! I used to love to go into their house as a kid.
    Jean had an ecclectic collection of “stuff” there was always something new to find and she changed her decor several times a year.
    They were friends with my parents for a very long time. I remember all of the McGills they spent many years running over to our house for social visits. Ricky playing his gutiar, David (I had such a crush on him) Coming over to get make up tips from my Mom. He wore alot of eyeliner and loved new wave music. he introduced my Dad to Boy George…lol
    and Linda well Linda was Linda. She didn’t take no crap from anyone and wasn’t afraid to let you know it!

    • Hello Christine,

      My in-laws were friends with the Magills and are wondering if there’s any way to find them. I was wondering if you ever got a response to this message or have ever heard anything about them. It’s a weird question, but I thought maybe the Internet can find them!

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