101 and 118 Victor Avenue – Our Ugly Bettys

Separated at Birth.

101 was once attached to 118 but was successfully separated and moved across the street. You can see remanents in the open space beside 118.

Remanent magnetism
(Physics) magnetism which remains in a body that has little coercive force after the magnetizing force is withdrawn, as soft iron; – called also residual magnetism.

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Angel stone was often used to hide brick.


3 Responses

  1. Looks like the angel stone’s time is limited – the new owner of 126 Victor tore off some tin and revealed a bunch of original brick. Looks like they have a real job ahead of them…

  2. Err…118 Victor!

  3. Hey I could have told you that…lol
    I remember the day the house was painted to cover up those old bricks. My parents chose an awful chocolate brown to paint 126 Victor.


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