What Too Much Gin Would Get You in 1991

Learned at a street party last night.


Painted Ladies of Victor Avenue

In Cabbagetown, a derisive term for upscale renovators who moved into the neighbourhood was White Painter. Generally that referred to interior colour but there was a movement to paint the outside something other than red. Later the term was replaced with Sandblaster as old paint was taken off to reveal the original brick.
Two of the Original Red Painted Ladies of Victor

This is Our Quartet of Painted Ladies. More Painted Ladies to Right.

Variations on Light Painted Ladies

The Painted Lady Duo

Here a Painted Lady before and after..as in losing the paint.

360 degree shot of Victor Avenue

This program has a neat shot of the area around 50 Victor Avenue. A 360 degree shot of the house

Harry Potter lived on Victor Avenue

If you check the 1911 Census you will find Harry Potter living at 1 Victor Avenue. He was 23.

1 Victor Ave

5 3 Potter Margaret Jane 1 Victor Ave F Head W May 1852 59

6 3 Lord May Elizabeth F Daughter S Jul 1872 38

7 3 Potter Harry Roland Angus? M Son S Dec 1887 23


The Enclosed Porch

Ever notice the fully enclosed front porch? It is one of the signs of an unrenovated house.

This range on Victor porches shows three Porch Types: the Enclosed Porch, the No Porch and the Sitting Porch.
Porch Types

Fully Enclosed Porch

Why do people enclose the front porch? Isn’t the purpose of a front porch to shelter people while they knock on your door to solicit funds for a worthy cause or bring their religion closer to your home or guests asking where they can park their car.

Newly Enclosed Porch

Variations on the Enclosed Porch

The Standard Portico Porch

The New Portico Porch

Hey Dude where did the rest of my Porch go?

The Inside Porch. Not really a porch, not really a portico

The No Porch. Fend for yourself against the elements

Good Neighbours

There was a knock at my door today and outside was Ettienne on a minature snowplow asking if I wanted my driveway plowed. He said he had borrowed the machine and hoped my driveway hadn’t been cleared. Please do I replied and off he went clearing it. This sounds like a fun street activity especially if we all got a chance to drive the machine.

He was a great neighbour to offer

Moving to the neighbourhood

Hi Victor Bloggers,
I just contacted Richard about moving back to the neighbourhood. I lived at 3 Victor last year until I moved to Vietnam. Now I’m back and would like to share or rent a space in Riverdale again. I’m looking to move Jan. 1st or earlier. I have bedroom furniture, and some sporting equipment I need to store, but that’s about it.

You can look at my profile, but just to let you know, I work in education, I’m a neat and respectful roommate or tenant. I have no pets and I like to cook. I’m willing to share space with someone/people between 30-50 years old. If you know anyone who’s looking for a tenant or roommate in the area, I’d appreciate it if you could pass along my email address. It’s available on my profile. Thanks and enjoy the snow and holidays.