Riverdale Park 1912

This is a picture of Riverdale Park in 1912.

You can search these photos at the Archives of Toronto on line. Kevin at 15 Victor gave me the link.


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  1. Here’s an archival shot of 41 Victor…


  2. someone once told me that Riverdale Park is a former garbage site—that is the reason for the hill at the North/East end and also for the overflow of water in the spring which is apparently quite toxic. Anyone know the facts?

  3. I can’t get that url to work.. Marc but I already have that shot under 41.. before and after….Too bad we can’t find other pictures of the street

  4. The sense I get is there’s a lot of material sitting in the archive, it’s just not online. I looked extensively about a year ago and he shot of 41 wasn’t there, so things must be coming online as they get to them.

    In my searching I’ve seen great shots looking up Broadview from Gerrard, Withrow Park from Logan, and the Danforth.

    Right now, I’m trying to figure out where the YMCA used to be – there’s all sort of images in the archive of an indoor pool that was apparently located alongside Broadview somewhere.

  5. The YMCA was on Broadview between Withrow and Langley where all the new townhouses are now.

  6. Hailee,

    Riverdale park was a dump site in the 20s – the green posts running along the crest of the slope are for the exhaust of methane from the rotting garbage below – more info can be found here.

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