The Enclosed Porch

Ever notice the fully enclosed front porch? It is one of the signs of an unrenovated house.

This range on Victor porches shows three Porch Types: the Enclosed Porch, the No Porch and the Sitting Porch.
Porch Types

Fully Enclosed Porch

Why do people enclose the front porch? Isn’t the purpose of a front porch to shelter people while they knock on your door to solicit funds for a worthy cause or bring their religion closer to your home or guests asking where they can park their car.

Newly Enclosed Porch

Variations on the Enclosed Porch

The Standard Portico Porch

The New Portico Porch

Hey Dude where did the rest of my Porch go?

The Inside Porch. Not really a porch, not really a portico

The No Porch. Fend for yourself against the elements