US Real Estate Link – Makes Realtors Nervous

This site
has US realtors a bit worried. It has such details on houses and comparables. Have fun with it.

Real estate fees are too high to begin with and instead of a fixed price for service they take a % of increasing prices. This use sites allows searches so much better than Real Estate controlled MLS and will let you list your house for such a fraction of commissions here.


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  1. sure. sell it yourself. you’ll then realize that the real estate commission based on sale price is good value.

  2. Agreed that selling yourself is not an easy task, at the present moment, but the internet and this site portends significant changes in the future.

    A market is a place that brings buyers and sellers together and real estate agents have done that for years. But I think of the travel market and what has happened to travel agents. The internet has made it possible for me to check flight prices, hotel prices and book everything myself. I no longer use a travel agent.

    This site is the beginning of a change in the way we buy and sell real estate. It is an amazing site as you can check the prices off all sales around your own home and find the comparables and has so much more information that MLS and is much easier to use. But it is in its infancy.

    It is just another way to make a market more competitive and place control and information in the hands of the consumer where it belongs

  3. In the Fall I listed a site called Real Estate Plus as an alternative to MLS. It was easy to use and similar to Zillow.

    When I tried to access it today I found it was closed. Appears the Toronto Real Estate Board closed the ability of the site to access MLS.

    Doing a little research I found launch for the site

    Then I found the reason it got closed
    by the TREB

  4. I would like to acquire a property in Knoxville. Do you know an agent I could talk to? I am looking for a villa. Please send me a pm. Thank you in advance. I’d be waiting for your response. More power to you!

  5. Sure. There are two villas up the street from me in Toronto. Is that too far from Knoxville?

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