Regifting on Victor Avenue

Regifting on Victor Avenue

A long standing tradition on Victor Avenue is to put the stuff, you don’t want, in front of your house. Eventually someone comes by and takes it. Someone on the street said that her children called the tree in front of my house The Gifting Tree and if they needed stuff they would come to the tree to see what was there. This selection was found today on the street -a vacuum cleaner, a TV, a table, some bowls, a basket. Where does it go? I actually gave back to a neighbour 20 years later something my children had taken as a regift years ago.

So give up your regifting stories or admit what you have taken.


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  1. I kinda had my eye on the little table they put out yesterday. I’m sure it must be gone by now…

    Which reminds me – the street sale isn’t far off now. Must remember to start collecting things for the sale.

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