Stop the Box Mall


Jimmie Simpson Park, Queen and Booth.

Dear Friends,

On Sunday April 13th at 2pm join your friends and neighbours in Jimmy Simpson Park for a rally in opposition to the proposed “power centre” development on Eastern Avenue.

Let’s gather together to send a strong message to the provincial government that a massive BigBox “Power Centre” does NOT belong in our community.

The Provincial Government has 2 weeks left to intervene in this case and declare “provincial interest”. Such a declaration would allow the COMMUNITY not developers to help shape the future of these lands.

If allowed to go through, the construction of a “power centre” which includes 1,900 parking spots and 700,000sq ft of retail space would undoubtedly have a negative impact on our local businesses, our neighbourhoods and our environment and we simply cannot allow it to go forward.

It’s time to add your voice to this important cause and to say loud and clear “NO BIG BOX ON EASTERN AVENUE!”

We hope to see you there.

WHEN: Sunday April 13th 2007

TIME: 2pm

LOCATION: Jimmy Simpson Park 870 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON



One Response

  1. NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard)

    Let’s get political.

    So what are we saying when we protest? Are protesting that we don’t want a Big Box Mall to open in Riverdale because they belong somewhere else? And open they will because there is a market for what they sell. When I was in San Miguel this winter a Starbucks was opening on the Jardin (the central square in town). There were letters to the editor of the local paper about how this was going to spoil the quaintness of San Miguel and how it should be stopped. Economically they knew Starbucks would succeed.

    So the only choice open to a NIMBY is to get the government to stop it. But they really aren’t stopping it but only getting it located somewhere else NOT in My Back Yard.

    If we no longer let the market decide what stays and what goes and use politics to decide, how do we pick and choose what should be in our Back Yard? Everyone wants something different in their backyard. There is a group here who wants to stop all the group home and social assistance being located in Riverdale? There is a group who wants to keep the Riverdale Hospital looking as it does. Yesterday I found out that there was a cinema The Crown at the corner of Broadview and Gerrard along with Riverdale Hardware and Martha’s Delicatessen in the 1950’s. Hey I would like a Review Cinema around the corner and a nice delicatessen and Lumberking to open again. Let’s get the government to open them.

    But then I forget, people who live in $600,000 houses vote NDP.

    This is an interesting debate about political vs economic solutions.

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