YARD SALE – CORRECTION June 7 not May 31

The May 31 yard sale is for Breast Cancer but not the ususal Victor, Langley, Simpson Street Sale that will be held June 7.

Garden Tour are June 14 and 15


Street Sale – May 31, 2008

Appears the street sale is this weekend so round up your junk

Fund Raiser for Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre

Maureen Kenny at 44 Victor asked that this be posted on the blog.  It is a fundraiser  for Eastview Neighbourhood Community Centre to be held Friday June 7 at 7pm in the Riverdale Collegiate Auditorium. You can reach Maureen at 416 466 6060

The garbage/recycle bin —saga—

For those of you who find fault in the new and presumably improved system.  Note the following;

Dear Friend

As an environmental leader, Toronto has adopted an aggressive target to reduce waste to landfill by 70% by 2010.  By now you should have received the new Blue Recycling Bin.  Next up are the Grey Garbage Bins. You will receive a card from the City to pick a size. To ensure you get the right size, and to answer your questions about the new Grey Bin, I have scheduled 2 open houses:

Tues May 13
4 to 8 pm
Ralph Thornton Community Centre
756 Queen Street East

Thurs May 15
3 to 8 pm
South Riverdale Health Centre
955 Queen Street East

City staff will also be able to discuss any ongoing issues you may have with the Blue Recycling Bin. Target 70
, the city’s solid waste response team will continue to resolve issues on a house by house basis.  You can phone 416-392-BINS (2467) to schedule a home visit or to switch sizes.

The Grey Garbage Bin roll out will start after July 1st. Between now and then we will continue to problem-solve and work through any ongoing issues with the Blue Bins. With the home visit and commitment to flexibility, Ward 30 residents are slowly getting the system that works best for them. I remain committed to this.

Please pass the Open House info along to your neighbourhood email lists. As always, if I can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to call my office at 416-392-4060.
Or go to the City’s website at http://www.toronto.ca/target70

Working for you