Street Sale – May 31, 2008

Appears the street sale is this weekend so round up your junk


4 Responses

  1. hey … just moved to the ‘hood (though not on Victor) — where can I find out more about the street sale?

  2. A local real estate agent, you can find them driving the mercedes or BMW organize it. It is on the Saturday and starts about 8 am. People set up in front of their houses. The usual streets involved are Victor, Langley and Simpson but I have seen it on other streets and Gannock one year had a band at night.

  3. It’s sponsored by Remax.
    (press release)

    They’ve really gone all out this year to promote it, with door handle hangers and posters. Wish someone would bring back the garden tours…

    The band on Garnock is part of their annual street party (my sister-in-law lives on the street).

  4. The Garden Tour is back on as my neighbours at 33 Victor are featured on the tour. Not sure when the weekend is but in the middle of June

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