81 Victor – Ownership History

This is  research done by Colin Gerrard on his house.


81 Victor Avenue History feb/09/08

1892- 5 houses unfinished (#73-81).

1891-1908; Ward 1, Div 2.

1916; Ward 1, Div 3.

No 81

1893-1895; 1st occupant SMITH, Isaac D, Salesman Furrier (28 yrs)

(BLACK Thomas (o)-1893-1900. $450 + $1250)

1896-1897; HOGG, Thomas, Conductor Toronto Railway

1898-1900; STEWARD, Ansell C, (49 yrs, 4 people, 1 child -$1350)

Clerk for Heir & Devisee Court Osgoode Hall

1901-1906; THOMAS, Lucien J, Stereo Views & supplies (349 Spadina Ave.) (owner-1901-1906, 37yrs, 6 people incl 1 child. $480 + $1200)

1907; CHAPMAN, Elizabeth Mrs. Frederick, Plumber

(McKAY, James & Ellen (o)-1907-1932)

1908; CHAPMAN, Robert, Plumber (30 yrs)

1909-1920; DOUGLAS, Joseph R, Accountant for Anglo-American Fire, (47yrs 5 people) (1915 2194)

1921-1926; McKAY, Ellen  (o-39 for 1940 to 44 for 1945)

(5 people $1031 + $1350)

1927; Vacant

1928; TUTT, Harry, Immigration Agent for Ontario Government Imm. Office

1929; CALLIGHEN, Harry A, Hardware (583 Gerrard Street E) GE8647?

CALLIGHEN, John, Clerk

CALLIGHEN, Aileen, Clerk

CALLIGHEN, Richard J, employed by Dom Bridge Co.

1930-1931; ALLEN, Alex DG, Painter.

1932; JONES, Thos A, Carpenter

1933-1951; NIMMO, Catherine Mrs. (widow Robert) employed by Ruth McDougall Town & Country Wear (o-for 1949 for 1950)

1952; Vacant.

1953-1956; BANNICK, Stanley (o-for 1954 for 1955)

1953-1954; ETHERIDGE, Harry no job

1955; SKAU, Hans employed by St. Clair Oil Burners

1956-1957; ENRIGHT, John A, charger Dept. Street Cleaning?

1957; HASTINGS, May Mrs. (widow Harland)

FOOTE, Douglas, packer for Nerlich & Co.

GOODE, Hugh C, Order filler for Dingle Davidson Ltd.

ROY Fred & Elda (o-for 1959 for 1960 to 64 for ’65)

1958-1961; WARD, John, no job

1960-1961; SWEENEY, Nan, no job

1962; HACHAY, Henry, employed by Rapid Grip & Batten

WILLIAMS, Martin, shpr Woolworths

ROBERGE, Robert, no job

1963; BAXTER, James,

BAXTER, Robert, employed by City parking.

1964-1969; MATHEWS, Edward, employed by Lever Bros.

1965; BOUCHER, Ronald, no job.

1966; McLEOD, Joe, no job.

1967-1969; PARSONS, Randall, labourer.

1970-1972; KARASPILIOU, Antonia, (o-1969 for ’70) teller for The Bank of Nova Scotia.

1973-1976 LOW, Mo-Nin, (o-1974 for 1975) cook for Happy Garden

KELLY, Jessie Mrs. No job.

1977-1986; LOW Henry, cook (o).


1988-1991; TAM, Oilai, no job.

1992-1993; KWAN, Kiu Lam, (o) no job.

1994; LI, Qui-Rong, student.

1995; LIU, Hui Juan


1996-2006; MacDONALD, Hadley (o).

1998?-2006; McLAREN, Hugh.

2006-; GERRARD, Colin (o)

2006-; GRIFFEY, Martin (o).


4 Responses

  1. Great to see these recent posts. Good stuff

  2. how is it that so many people with ‘no job’ lived in this home? Is that the case with the neighborhood?

  3. This is a very rich neighbourhood so few people work.

  4. My guess is that it was a boarding house and some residents didn’t work. Maybe they collected social assistance.

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