Fluffing – Is it worth it?

I have watched 38 Victor Avenue change hands twice in less than a year.  In each case the Real Estate Agent suggested changes in the house to increase its value.

I watched Seller #1 paint the entire house a lighter colour and put in new carpeting.

Buyer #1/Seller #1 repainted the entire house and fluffed it

The other day I was looked out the window and saw thisMAKEOVER

There was the carpet that Seller #1 spent $900 a year ago, taken up and put out for the trash.

In additions, painters have been in and out for a week changing the colours again.

So explain to me why Real Estate Agents suggest making all these changes when the new buyers do what they want anyway. Not sure who the makeover benefits?

Okay, so you know you need to spruce up before you sell. But how much money do you pour into the house you’re vacating? According to a 2005 study conducted by Maritz Research for Royal LePage, 54 per cent of Canadians believe that $2,000 or more is the magic number. And they’re right. Toronto-based real estate agent Michele Chan says most well-maintained homes merit $2,000 to $2,500 in small fix-ups, though Tim Badgley, designer and co-owner of Acanthus Interiors in Port Hope, Ont., argues that even a meager $1,000 goes a long way in paint and throw pillows. Listen to home editor Virginie Martocq as she breaks down by price just how far $1000 can go.