Ugly Betty Stripped

118 Victor has undergone an angel stone removal and revealed why the angel stone was removed in the first place.  Seems they took some of the brick off.


1A and 1B Victor Avenue – New Houses Found

New House Found

For some reason a house fronting on Broadview has encroached on Victor Avenue and created 1A and 1B VIctor Avenue. These house numbers were born after 1 Victor was created sometime in the 1980’s. Houses with A’s aren’t new on Victor – see 56A and 49A.

But a B house is a new thing.

Painted Ladies of Victor Avenue

In Cabbagetown, a derisive term for upscale renovators who moved into the neighbourhood was White Painter. Generally that referred to interior colour but there was a movement to paint the outside something other than red. Later the term was replaced with Sandblaster as old paint was taken off to reveal the original brick.
Two of the Original Red Painted Ladies of Victor

This is Our Quartet of Painted Ladies. More Painted Ladies to Right.

Variations on Light Painted Ladies

The Painted Lady Duo

Here a Painted Lady before and in losing the paint.

The Enclosed Porch

Ever notice the fully enclosed front porch? It is one of the signs of an unrenovated house.

This range on Victor porches shows three Porch Types: the Enclosed Porch, the No Porch and the Sitting Porch.
Porch Types

Fully Enclosed Porch

Why do people enclose the front porch? Isn’t the purpose of a front porch to shelter people while they knock on your door to solicit funds for a worthy cause or bring their religion closer to your home or guests asking where they can park their car.

Newly Enclosed Porch

Variations on the Enclosed Porch

The Standard Portico Porch

The New Portico Porch

Hey Dude where did the rest of my Porch go?

The Inside Porch. Not really a porch, not really a portico

The No Porch. Fend for yourself against the elements

Fire Hydrants

If I was a dog then I would know where this is but do you and how many do we have on the street? Check your home insurance policy to see how far you are from one of these.

Tree of Heaven

This tree found in our backyards is not worth saving. It is often called the weed tree and the following information gives more details.

Tree-of-heaven, also known as ailanthus, Chinese sumac, and stinking shumac, is a rapidly growing, deciduous tree in the mostly tropical quassia family (Simaroubaceae). Mature trees can reach 80 feet or more in height. Ailanthus has smooth stems with pale gray bark, and twigs which are light chestnut brown, especially in the dormant season. Its large compound leaves, 1-4 feet in length, are composed of 11-25 smaller leaflets and alternate along the stems. Each leaflet has one to several glandular teeth near the base. In late spring, clusters of small, yellow-green flowers appear near the tips of branches. Seeds are produced on female trees in late summer to early fall, in flat, twisted, papery structures called samaras, which may remain on the trees for long periods of time. The wood of ailanthus is soft, weak, coarse-grained, and creamy white to light brown in color. All parts of the tree, especially the flowers, have a strong, offensive odor, which some have likened to peanuts or cashews.

Tree-of-heaven is a prolific seed producer, grows rapidly, and can overrun native vegetation. Once established, it can quickly take over a site and form an impenetrable thicket. Ailanthus trees also produces toxins that prevent the establishment of other plant species. The root system is aggressive enough to cause damage to sewers and foundations.

Tree-of-heaven was first introduced to America by a gardener in Philadelphia, PA, in 1784, and by 1840 was commonly available from nurseries. The species was also brought into California mainly by the Chinese who came to California during the goldrush in the mid-1800s. Today it is frequently found in abandoned mining sites there. The history of ailanthus in China is as old as the written language of the country.

Trees Gone

Missing Trees

Sorry to see the trees go at 92 Victor Avenue. These are the second and third trees to be cut down on Victor this month. A large tree was removed at the corner of Victor and Howland. It is sad to lose trees that create such an ambiance on the street unless they are the Tree of Heaven.