Painted Ladies of Victor Avenue

In Cabbagetown, a derisive term for upscale renovators who moved into the neighbourhood was White Painter. Generally that referred to interior colour but there was a movement to paint the outside something other than red. Later the term was replaced with Sandblaster as old paint was taken off to reveal the original brick.
Two of the Original Red Painted Ladies of Victor

This is Our Quartet of Painted Ladies. More Painted Ladies to Right.

Variations on Light Painted Ladies

The Painted Lady Duo

Here a Painted Lady before and in losing the paint.


120 Victor Avenue

No Details

122 Victor Avene

5 Victor Avenue

Dorothy, Julia and Michael

This house is two apartments

7 Victor Avenue

No details

100 Victor Avenue

No details

53 Victor Avenue

Ricka (sp) and Laurence moved her in the summer from Germany.

This house was formerly owned by John and Daniel and their dog Hugo. John was rather attractive and Daniel rather muscular.