4, 6 and 8 Victor Avenue formerly known as only 8 Victor Avenue

The was once one beautiful house that was torn down to build these prison housing units.

When the houses were built we were shown drawings of lovely Victorian homes and this is what they allowed to go up. They are the ugliest homes on the street and I am surprised a city that dedicated to its heritage allowed them to be built.

48/50 used to be as unattractive until they were refaced a few years ago.

In 1911
These people lived in the house that was torn down in the early 1980’s

8 Victor Ave

44 40 Adie Edward 8 Victor Ave M Head M May 1845 66

45 40 Adie Katherine F Wife M Dec 1848 62

46 40 Ashton Ursla F Domestic S Mar 1870 41


71 Victor Avenue

Formerly an empty lot owned by 73 Victor. This is one of the 5 new builds on Victor in the last 20 years. It blends in nicely with the street.

New builds
4, 6 and 8 Victor
49 A Victor
71 Victor

48 & 50 Victor Avenue

48 and 50 are owned by the same people who own 52 and 54. It was once a very, very, very, very ugly new house that was replastered and updated with this new look. It is such a nice improvement and fits in nicely with 71 Victor.

Not sure if #48 is on the top floor or the bottom floor or on the left side or the right side. When that mystery solved we can find #50 and perhaps find Fluffy who was lost in 1974 somewhere around this house.

49 Victor Avenue

Al and George.

This house sits on what was once a parking lot for 49A. That is why 49 and 49A exist but still no explanation for 56 and 56A. But there is also a greater mystery of missing houses such as 22, 24 and 26 Victor Avenue. Were they once there but were taken away or are they on another street under a new number..

George and Al live here-it’s the best kept secret on Victor. Someone needs to move the house closer to the street