1A and 1B Victor Avenue – New Houses Found

New House Found

For some reason a house fronting on Broadview has encroached on Victor Avenue and created 1A and 1B VIctor Avenue. These house numbers were born after 1 Victor was created sometime in the 1980’s. Houses with A’s aren’t new on Victor – see 56A and 49A.

But a B house is a new thing.


9 Victor Avenue

This duplex was renovated in the 1970s

17 Victor Avenue

Another interesting duplex

93 Victor Avenue

This house stood empty for a long time but finally the owner rented and there have been tenants since September. See comments to follow.

52 Victor Avenue

The Apartment Complex

Numbers 48, 50, 52 and 54 are all owned by the same person.There are several apartments in 52 and 54.

29 Victor Avenue

31 Victor Avenue

This house has been a rental unit for many many years. The current occupants were the beneficiaries of some renovations when the previous tenant complained about being able to look at the first floor from the second floor through a series of holes in the floor.