How Victor became 46x – xxxx

Telephone Numbers on Victor (meaning of 46)


Central office names first appeared in the March 1901 directory. Your central office switched the calls you made out over a trunk line over to the receiving central office. For Victor the name was

Hillcrest Melrose Riverdale

1951 (Riverdale Exchange 74)

In 1951, Bell Canada introduced the new “2 Letter 5 Digit” phone number system (it didn’t have a fancy name or acronym). This was done for the new “direct distance dialing” system (dial your own long distance calls) and because they were running out of phone numbers. Bell also thought that people couldn’t remember 7 digit phone numbers, but that they would remember a location, 1 digit, and 4 digits. The central office names were originally based upon a physical neighbourhood, but this system degraded as they ran out of available letter (number) pairs.

March 1957 Riverdale (74) become Howard (46)

In March of 1957 RIverdale, GErrard, GLadstone and HArgrave were amalgamated to become the HOward exchange.