73 Victor Avenue

The lot beside this house was severed to create 71 Victor Avenue.

See that blue Honda Civic in the backyard. Has anyone ever seen it move.


Rob and Russell and their Wheaten Terrier, Oscar, bought the house in 1992. Russell died and Oscar moved to Edmonton. Now, Rob and Chip live there. No pets


117 Victor Ave

Here is 117 Victor for Christine

1A and 1B Victor Avenue – New Houses Found

New House Found

For some reason a house fronting on Broadview has encroached on Victor Avenue and created 1A and 1B VIctor Avenue. These house numbers were born after 1 Victor was created sometime in the 1980’s. Houses with A’s aren’t new on Victor – see 56A and 49A.

But a B house is a new thing.

101 and 118 Victor Avenue – Our Ugly Bettys

Separated at Birth.

101 was once attached to 118 but was successfully separated and moved across the street. You can see remanents in the open space beside 118.

Remanent magnetism
(Physics) magnetism which remains in a body that has little coercive force after the magnetizing force is withdrawn, as soft iron; – called also residual magnetism.

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Angel stone was often used to hide brick.

102 Victor Avenue

One former resident, Robbie, lived here and then sold this house and moved to another house at 14 Victor. The only resident I think who lived in two different houses on the same street.

103 Victor Avenue

Has another new restaurant on the opened on the street? This must be a good restaurant as the seats are always full and sometimes there is art for sale on the front lawn.

106 Victor Avenue