1A and 1B Victor Avenue – New Houses Found

New House Found

For some reason a house fronting on Broadview has encroached on Victor Avenue and created 1A and 1B VIctor Avenue. These house numbers were born after 1 Victor was created sometime in the 1980’s. Houses with A’s aren’t new on Victor – see 56A and 49A.

But a B house is a new thing.


1 Victor Avenue

First house on the street. They own the building beside them on Broadview. That building was the original home for Nellies – a shelter for abused women.

3 Victor Avenue

New comments and pictures coming (since last year) and a story about the limbless jockey. Here is a collection of limbed jockies and some found underwear.

The Limbless Jockey
Limbed Jockies

4, 6 and 8 Victor Avenue formerly known as only 8 Victor Avenue

The was once one beautiful house that was torn down to build these prison housing units.

When the houses were built we were shown drawings of lovely Victorian homes and this is what they allowed to go up. They are the ugliest homes on the street and I am surprised a city that dedicated to its heritage allowed them to be built.

48/50 used to be as unattractive until they were refaced a few years ago.

In 1911
These people lived in the house that was torn down in the early 1980’s

8 Victor Ave

44 40 Adie Edward 8 Victor Ave M Head M May 1845 66

45 40 Adie Katherine F Wife M Dec 1848 62

46 40 Ashton Ursla F Domestic S Mar 1870 41

5 Victor Avenue

Dorothy, Julia and Michael

This house is two apartments

7 Victor Avenue

No details

9 Victor Avenue

This duplex was renovated in the 1970s