73 Victor Avenue

The lot beside this house was severed to create 71 Victor Avenue.

See that blue Honda Civic in the backyard. Has anyone ever seen it move.


Rob and Russell and their Wheaten Terrier, Oscar, bought the house in 1992. Russell died and Oscar moved to Edmonton. Now, Rob and Chip live there. No pets


51 Victor Avenue

Names: Kelly, Hailee and Mikah
Pets: Betel & Ella

AKA The Bistro.

Emma Eulalia has moved from 38 Victor to 51 Victor and then to 16 Victor after her party got out of hand while the landlords were away.

52 Victor Avenue

The Apartment Complex

Numbers 48, 50, 52 and 54 are all owned by the same person.There are several apartments in 52 and 54.

53 Victor Avenue

Ricka (sp) and Laurence moved her in the summer from Germany.

This house was formerly owned by John and Daniel and their dog Hugo. John was rather attractive and Daniel rather muscular.

54 Victor Avenue

The Apartment Complex

Numbers 48, 50, 52 and 54 are all owned by the same person. There are several apartments in 52 and 54.

55 Victor House $760,000

They got $760,000?

Post the price you think they will get for 55 Victor? The closest price without going over will get a bottle of wine donated by the other posters.Rules

  1. One bid per household member
  2. Make sure you name and house number is visible when you post – Anonymous Bidders won’t get wine.
  3. Each losing bidder will donate a portion of the wine cost.
  4. Wine will be given awarded at the Victor Avenue Bistro
  5. Bids will be accepted only up to October 4, 2007

If the house does not sell by October 4 then we wait until it does sell. So price for that eventuality.

Hailee Won so pay up

55 Victor Avenue New Record Price

This house was in one family for three generations until the grandson sold it. Rumour has it that parking was big issue for the former owner.

The house was listed at $729,000 and sold for $760,000. This is a record setting price for a semi. The highest price paid for a house I think belongs to 14 Victor.

Our new neighbours are Yves and David who move in in a few weeks.