Falling House Prices Forces Residents into DIY

The consumption effect of increasing house prices has been dampened lately with much lower house prices. Local Victor Avenue residents are feeling the pinch and forced to do their own renovations.

James and Tamara at 37 Victor are trying to get a family of squirrels to move


Local Resident Finds Solution to Parking Problems

Local resident at 38 Victor has solved her long standing parking issue by selling her house and buying one on Simpson with parking.

Solution to Little Closet Space

One Victor resident has solved her lack of closet space by using the street to extend places to store her stuff.

No Snow Yet in Mexico

So sorry we have no white stuff on the ground.

Taunts from Mexico

Hi Victor Avenue from the expats.

View from our terrace.

No snow.

Blogger Taunts Victor Avenue

Los Angeles

We are heading south for a bit of time and will taunt the street with pictures of the warmth of Mexico.

We did spend New Years in Los Angeles

What Too Much Gin Would Get You in 1991

Learned at a street party last night.