Parking Saga-Speed Bumps

Hi Everyone:

For those of you who have not been following my correspondence with Paula Fletcher’s office under the comment section, let me bring you up to date. It seems as though we will not have another opportunity to change the parking situation until next year. Paula Fletcher’s office is suggesting that we work collectively on a solution that will pass another vote, but they will not work on another ballot before a years time. So lets all think over the winter and dream up parking opportunities that work for all of us.

As for speeding and speed bumps. There was a study done on Victor Ave. in 2005, and we did not qualify for speed bumps because the percentage of speeding was not high enough. (IE: people on average only exceeded the speed limit by 5 km/hr on average.) My point to their office was one of child safety, and that I felt that 40 km/hr on Victor was too fast, and pointed out that other streets such as Langely and Riverdale have a speed limit of 30 km/hr, while ours is the same as Broadview.

We have a couple of options here. We can petition for speed bumps again. Apparently we are allowed to every three years, but possibly sooner if there was enough noise from residents on the street. My concern is that the City’s process for speed bumps of having a traffic survey will come up with the same results as 2005, and we will once again not qualify. We can however petition the City to reduce the speed limit to 30 km/hr with “Children Playing” signs, and that is much easier to accomplish. We could then ask the police to enforce the new speed limit, and by next fall, ask for speed bumps. Surely then we would qualify if they were still needed.

What do people think? I am prepared to write the petition, and would require endorsement from other residents on the street. Please let me know if you would like to help, or have any examples of how unsafe the current speed limit is, to help formulate the letter. Talk to your neighbors who may not be on the blog, and ask them to e-mail me at with their ideas. I was told that an actual petition was not required to reduce the speed limit, but rather just some indications of how unsafe it is, with an endorsement from as many neighbors as possible.