111 Victor Avenue

What’s going on here?

Linda McGill and her parents used to live in this house.  Linda’s mother said she was one of the oldest living resident on the street. Never saw a for sale sign but one day they were gone.

Workers have been on site for months now and no sign of a for sale sign.


114 Victor Avenue

Flip or what?

123 Victor Avenue

Is this the new flip or is it the owners?

David Miller and New Taxes

Not sure if this is the right finger we expected in Riverdale, to express what he thinks about passing the new tax on house sales.

55 Victor Avenue New Record Price

This house was in one family for three generations until the grandson sold it. Rumour has it that parking was big issue for the former owner.

The house was listed at $729,000 and sold for $760,000. This is a record setting price for a semi. The highest price paid for a house I think belongs to 14 Victor.

Our new neighbours are Yves and David who move in in a few weeks.