Stop the Box Mall


Jimmie Simpson Park, Queen and Booth.

Dear Friends,

On Sunday April 13th at 2pm join your friends and neighbours in Jimmy Simpson Park for a rally in opposition to the proposed “power centre” development on Eastern Avenue.

Let’s gather together to send a strong message to the provincial government that a massive BigBox “Power Centre” does NOT belong in our community.

The Provincial Government has 2 weeks left to intervene in this case and declare “provincial interest”. Such a declaration would allow the COMMUNITY not developers to help shape the future of these lands.

If allowed to go through, the construction of a “power centre” which includes 1,900 parking spots and 700,000sq ft of retail space would undoubtedly have a negative impact on our local businesses, our neighbourhoods and our environment and we simply cannot allow it to go forward.

It’s time to add your voice to this important cause and to say loud and clear “NO BIG BOX ON EASTERN AVENUE!”

We hope to see you there.

WHEN: Sunday April 13th 2007

TIME: 2pm

LOCATION: Jimmy Simpson Park 870 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON



WOW! Have you seen the size of…

Where to put the new recyling bins?

The reason 1Victor has all that parking

Quite honestly, I am looking for suggestions on how we discretely place these in our lanes?

For new and wondrous ideas on where to put the eye sore but oh so environmentally friendly bins, please post a comment.

Look for future video shots of Victor residents slogging the full bin from their lane to the street!

Regifting on Victor Avenue

Regifting on Victor Avenue

A long standing tradition on Victor Avenue is to put the stuff, you don’t want, in front of your house. Eventually someone comes by and takes it. Someone on the street said that her children called the tree in front of my house The Gifting Tree and if they needed stuff they would come to the tree to see what was there. This selection was found today on the street -a vacuum cleaner, a TV, a table, some bowls, a basket. Where does it go? I actually gave back to a neighbour 20 years later something my children had taken as a regift years ago.

So give up your regifting stories or admit what you have taken.

Lights out? Did you participate?

Looking out on to Victor Avenue last night, many participated in the earthhour. Do you think it will make a difference?

Cleaning Person

Do you have or know a great cleaning person that you’d recommend? If so please email me at


360 degree shot of Victor Avenue

This program has a neat shot of the area around 50 Victor Avenue. A 360 degree shot of the house

Good Neighbours

There was a knock at my door today and outside was Ettienne on a minature snowplow asking if I wanted my driveway plowed. He said he had borrowed the machine and hoped my driveway hadn’t been cleared. Please do I replied and off he went clearing it. This sounds like a fun street activity especially if we all got a chance to drive the machine.

He was a great neighbour to offer