Stop the Box Mall


Jimmie Simpson Park, Queen and Booth.

Dear Friends,

On Sunday April 13th at 2pm join your friends and neighbours in Jimmy Simpson Park for a rally in opposition to the proposed “power centre” development on Eastern Avenue.

Let’s gather together to send a strong message to the provincial government that a massive BigBox “Power Centre” does NOT belong in our community.

The Provincial Government has 2 weeks left to intervene in this case and declare “provincial interest”. Such a declaration would allow the COMMUNITY not developers to help shape the future of these lands.

If allowed to go through, the construction of a “power centre” which includes 1,900 parking spots and 700,000sq ft of retail space would undoubtedly have a negative impact on our local businesses, our neighbourhoods and our environment and we simply cannot allow it to go forward.

It’s time to add your voice to this important cause and to say loud and clear “NO BIG BOX ON EASTERN AVENUE!”

We hope to see you there.

WHEN: Sunday April 13th 2007

TIME: 2pm

LOCATION: Jimmy Simpson Park 870 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON



Cleaning Person

Do you have or know a great cleaning person that you’d recommend? If so please email me at



Use Pet Safe Salt This Winter

Pet Safe Salt Is Better for Everyone
If you live in a colder climate where winter involves wind, ice and snow, you probably use salt on your driveway and sidewalks. There are probably also a few pet owners who walk their dogs past your property. But did you know that the salt that you’re using to de-ice your driveway and sidewalks can be doing damage to the pets that walk on it?

Read the Warnings
If you read the warnings on your traditional salt ice melters, you’ll see that they straight out say that they are dangerous for pets and children. So why would you want to put something so harmful out on the sidewalks where children and pets walk? That’s where pet safe salt comes in.

Pet Safe Salt
There are a number of pet safe salt products on the market now, one of the most popular being Safe Paw. If you use salt on your sidewalks, you might want to think about using a pet safe de-icer like safe paw rather than traditional ice melters. It makes better sense for the environment and it’s much safer for both pets and children

New Addition

Congratulations to 64 Victor on their newest addition. Baby “Cole” is the newest resident of Victor Avenue! All the best to the new family!

Victor Avenue Talent

A local resident has produced this short film

Contractors We Like or Don’t like

Simply add your favourite or least favourite contractor below with a link to how you can find them or a phone number.

1. Ask Andrea Gare – you can add a comment to her Blog Entry

2. Downtown Gas for Heating and Gas Fitting – good

3. Convertible Heating and Air – good

4. Monarcy Tiles – bad