Halloween Contest Winners

First place was 99 Victor Avenue

Second place was a tie between 3 and 66 Victor

Third Place was 38 Victor


Scary Night at 66 Victor

66 Victor on Halloween Night

Halloween Contest

66 Victor Avenue

New Poll Added for your votes. Not all houses have pictures and some houses have added materials. When you go out tonight check out the houses.

New Houses

35 Victor

51 Victor

3 Victor Go and be Scared tonight

33 Victor

37 Victor

38 Victor

59 Victor

66 Victor

70 Victor – new update

75 Victor

76 Victor

99 Victor

102 Victor

Honourable Mentions The Pumpkins and the Mask

Vote for the best dressed house on Hallos eve!!

Vote for the best dressed house on Hallos eve!!

Keep your ear to the ground as this night is sure to pack more punch into the blog~