The intent of this blog is not to offend or publish untruths. It is simply a humourous albeit sarcastic take on living on a street. It has been accused of invading Privacy

Definitions of privacy on the Web

  • The condition of being left alone, out of public view and in control of information that is known about you.


  • the quality of being secluded from the presence or view of others
  • the condition of being concealed or hidden


  • wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn
  • If you don’t want to be included or want to add a topic of discussion or remove something please email and we will change it.

    If you want to be a contributor or edit the blog entry for your house, please ask as this site welcomes everyone or as Beth would say, “we are inclusive”.


    14 Responses

    1. Hey Richard, How come there are no pictures or nothing posted for 117 Victor Ave. I know the owner very well. Just wondering??

    2. I came upon this site by accident (the mysteries of Google). But here’s my beef – the site seems to stop at Howland. Why discriminate against those EOH (East of Howland)?

    3. POstal code issues

    4. Scary ass dogs
      Hey is anyone concerned about the bull mastifs at 31 Victor Ave?
      The gossip mill has it that they’ve already attacked someone on the street and the owner has warned the neighbors that they will attack dogs and children.
      They’re not muzzled, are walked regularly on the street and periodically escape out the front door.
      To register a complaint, call 416.338.7297

    5. I would like to submit a photo of 73 Victor.

      How do I go about that?


    6. 30 Victor is a 4-plex – the owners rent out the basement as well.

    7. I think that the postal code changes..

      211 Victor has the postal code of M4K 1B3 I was only doing M4K 1A7 and 8

    8. Hello,
      We just rented 93 Victor, can you tell me about it and about the street?

    9. Hello,

      Any idea why 101 Victor Ave has been on the market for so long?

    10. For Sale: South Riverdale 1910 Map For Sale
      Original 1910 subdivision map of South Riverdale published by Atlas. Bordered by Langely, Queen, Don Valley, and Pape. Highlights include the Isolation Hospital, the Don Jail, and Riverdale Park. Measures 38” x 29”. Professionally matted and framed. A glimpse of your neighbourhood from a century ago. Price: $500.

      Photos available at: http://chipbarkel.com/riverdale%20map.htm

      Chip Barkel ( formerly 73 Victor Ave. )



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