Historical Remembrance

This was found on a 50plus Discussion Forum

It contains some spelling errors and inappropriate language but I learned..

  • General Steel Wares at River and Gerrard
  • Crown Movie Theatre at Broadview on Gerrard (589 Gerrard St. Ha 0583) (East corner Broadview and Gerrard)
  • Loblaws on Broadview just south of Gerrard
  • Catholic orphanage at the corner of Broadview and Victor Ave

Wow what memoreys! thanks for sharing. I lived all over Toronto as a kid. I think we were always one step ahead of the bailiff. Was born on Leslie St north of Queen and went to Leslie St School. Lived on gerrard west of of,crap, forget the street ,but Browns Bread was there and my brother had a bread route around Greenwood Park with the wonder horse Prince. My brother was a wonderfull racontour and he had great storys about Prince going all the way back to the charge of the light brigade. Went to Pape school then. Lived on Victor ave north of Gerrard.Went to Withrow School. Thats when the Boyd gang escaped from the Don Jail.  (November 4, 1951) I wore my six shooter to school that day in hopes of capturing these desperadoes .LOL Lived on Woodbine and went to Norway Public. Got the strap from Mr. Lilly for forgetting my speller in grad 4. Moved to Scarberia and went to Wexford public and then went to work for a living. Worked at all kinds of jobs. Worked for Tommy Morgans esso. think that was at marjory and gerrard. Worked at sinnot News in the old war time buildings off of Eglington in Scarberia. Delivered telegrams for CP down around Front and Young. I knew ever building and alley in those days. Scares the heck out of me now to drive down there. Used to get the best corn beef sandwiches on Richmond St near the liquor store. The Hickery dell was the name. My Mom worked at General Steel wares at River and Gerrard and so did I for awhile in the mid fiftys.
But I liked the movie theatres on Saturdays. There was the Crown at Broadview on Gerrard, the Pape,Bonita,Prince of Wales on Danforth. Gosh it was great. Two movies of my heroes Roy,Gene, Lash Larue etc on a Saturday along with the serials and a cartoon. Sometimes they would have live on stage some guy who could really work a yoyo. The thing is those movie heroes taught us manners and to be a good guy.I feel sorry for the kids today that they don`t have the same kind of heroes.
There was a Loblaws on Broadview just south of gerrard. I stole a wagen and used to make money carting grocerys for folks. If you owned the wagen I apologize. Delivered for Tamblyns drug store on Broadview and I was so small I had to ride the bike under the bar.
When I got enough money together my friend Mike and I would go on a sunday afternoon to watch St. Mikes and Marlies square off. My Pal Mike was a Dogan and we would continually scrap,me being a prod and all. Fifteen minutes later with fresh bandages applyed he would be calling up at our third floor flat to come out and play. Remember snatching ice slivers off the ice truck. Gosh that tasted good.Best money I ever got was working the Pop stand during BINGO games at the Mick Church on McCaul St. Mostly Jewish women.. I think it was called st Patricks. $10.00 bucks for the night. Father Cassidy was the guys name. Remember he asked me if i could get another honest boy to work. I said sure Father my friend, his father is a minister. I didn`t realize then why he chuckeled ,but he said to bring him out. My friends father found out and he was forbidden to work any longer. Anyway ,moved out to the Queensway and then joined the Army. Best thing I ever did. Sorry if I bored you all.
Yes Toronto was safer if you ask me. Mostly white folks in those days,but we still fought as kids. Mostly Prods and Micks and sometimes the Jews. But we never killed anyone.Just a bloody lip or a a black eye and steal your opponents bag of alleys and add them to your collection.
Oh yah! There was a catholic orphanage at the corner of Broadview and Victor Ave. Gosh I felt really sorry for those kids. It was like they were in jail looking through the barred gate. I used to buy or steal one cent candy to give to them. Wonder what ever happened to those little kids?
I thought they were so poor I didn`t realize how poor we were. Feb 26 2007, 02:53 PM