14 Victor Avenue

Robbie who once owned 102 Victor Avenue moved here and sold to the current owners in March 2004. Price is listed under recent sales. It was almost $1 million.


16 Victor Avenue

Names: Stephen and Kevin
Pets: one dog – Billy, one cat – Abe

Stephen has been organizing the street to change the parking rules so that when you come home you don’t have to park your car in Scarborough and walk home past all cars with no stickers.

18 Victor Avenue

They are very GREEN–so watch out.

Rumour has it, that they throw a fabulous get together during the holiday season.

23 Victor Avenue

When I moved to the street in 1979 I was told that the former owner had lived here with a woman who was not his wife. After he died she continued to live here but his children evicted her because their father had not changed his will and they were the rightful owners.

32 Victor Avenue


71 Victor Avenue

Formerly an empty lot owned by 73 Victor. This is one of the 5 new builds on Victor in the last 20 years. It blends in nicely with the street.

New builds
4, 6 and 8 Victor
49 A Victor
71 Victor