78 Victor Avenue

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80 Victor Avenue

People live in this house

81 Victor Avenue

Hooray the purple is gone.

Kudos to the new owners for restoring the front back to brick.

Love the lighted house sign

New owners are Colin and Martin!! Great job on the purple guys!

82 Victor Avenue

83 Victor Avenue

87 Victor Avenue

Another of the last chain link front fences on Victor

85 Victor Avenue

This is one of the few chain link front yard fences left on Victor. For some reason many people started in the 1960’s to fence off their front yard. As houses were renovated, the chain link fences disappeared.

What is the reason for the fences? Was it the style? We only own about 10′ from the front of our houses so it is partly city property that is being fenced. In Cabbagetown the yards were fenced to guard the vegetables.