81 Victor – Ownership History

This is  research done by Colin Gerrard on his house.


81 Victor Avenue History feb/09/08

1892- 5 houses unfinished (#73-81).

1891-1908; Ward 1, Div 2.

1916; Ward 1, Div 3.

No 81

1893-1895; 1st occupant SMITH, Isaac D, Salesman Furrier (28 yrs)

(BLACK Thomas (o)-1893-1900. $450 + $1250)

1896-1897; HOGG, Thomas, Conductor Toronto Railway

1898-1900; STEWARD, Ansell C, (49 yrs, 4 people, 1 child -$1350)

Clerk for Heir & Devisee Court Osgoode Hall

1901-1906; THOMAS, Lucien J, Stereo Views & supplies (349 Spadina Ave.) (owner-1901-1906, 37yrs, 6 people incl 1 child. $480 + $1200)

1907; CHAPMAN, Elizabeth Mrs. Frederick, Plumber

(McKAY, James & Ellen (o)-1907-1932)

1908; CHAPMAN, Robert, Plumber (30 yrs)

1909-1920; DOUGLAS, Joseph R, Accountant for Anglo-American Fire, (47yrs 5 people) (1915 2194)

1921-1926; McKAY, Ellen  (o-39 for 1940 to 44 for 1945)

(5 people $1031 + $1350)

1927; Vacant

1928; TUTT, Harry, Immigration Agent for Ontario Government Imm. Office

1929; CALLIGHEN, Harry A, Hardware (583 Gerrard Street E) GE8647?

CALLIGHEN, John, Clerk

CALLIGHEN, Aileen, Clerk

CALLIGHEN, Richard J, employed by Dom Bridge Co.

1930-1931; ALLEN, Alex DG, Painter.

1932; JONES, Thos A, Carpenter

1933-1951; NIMMO, Catherine Mrs. (widow Robert) employed by Ruth McDougall Town & Country Wear (o-for 1949 for 1950)

1952; Vacant.

1953-1956; BANNICK, Stanley (o-for 1954 for 1955)

1953-1954; ETHERIDGE, Harry no job

1955; SKAU, Hans employed by St. Clair Oil Burners

1956-1957; ENRIGHT, John A, charger Dept. Street Cleaning?

1957; HASTINGS, May Mrs. (widow Harland)

FOOTE, Douglas, packer for Nerlich & Co.

GOODE, Hugh C, Order filler for Dingle Davidson Ltd.

ROY Fred & Elda (o-for 1959 for 1960 to 64 for ’65)

1958-1961; WARD, John, no job

1960-1961; SWEENEY, Nan, no job

1962; HACHAY, Henry, employed by Rapid Grip & Batten

WILLIAMS, Martin, shpr Woolworths

ROBERGE, Robert, no job

1963; BAXTER, James,

BAXTER, Robert, employed by City parking.

1964-1969; MATHEWS, Edward, employed by Lever Bros.

1965; BOUCHER, Ronald, no job.

1966; McLEOD, Joe, no job.

1967-1969; PARSONS, Randall, labourer.

1970-1972; KARASPILIOU, Antonia, (o-1969 for ’70) teller for The Bank of Nova Scotia.

1973-1976 LOW, Mo-Nin, (o-1974 for 1975) cook for Happy Garden

KELLY, Jessie Mrs. No job.

1977-1986; LOW Henry, cook (o).


1988-1991; TAM, Oilai, no job.

1992-1993; KWAN, Kiu Lam, (o) no job.

1994; LI, Qui-Rong, student.

1995; LIU, Hui Juan


1996-2006; MacDONALD, Hadley (o).

1998?-2006; McLAREN, Hugh.

2006-; GERRARD, Colin (o)

2006-; GRIFFEY, Martin (o).


When was my House Built on Victor

Again this is the research of Colin Gerrard 81 Victor


St Matthew’s Ward:

The dates of the houses built on Victor Avenue and the First Occupant’s names are taken from the Toronto Directories and Assessments and are 1 year earlier than the printed dates). All details are taken in the fall of the previous year.

NB: There have never been any records for numbers;

North side

2, 34, 84, 86, 88, 90, 94, 138, 202, 204,

South side

65, 67, 69, 89, 91, 127, 129, 131, 165, 167, 169, 171, 173, 175, 177, 179, 181, 183, 185, 187, 189, 191, 193 & 195.

163 ex Store?


Howland Road: Numbers 125/133 & 136/140.

Logan Avenue: Numbers 163/197 & 180/182.

Victor Avenue ends with Numbers 226 & No 237.

1887 (actually1886) unfinished houses.


North side

SE house, private grounds x 3, vacant lots x 3, unfinished house x 1.

1e of Broadview- CATHRO William H ( Cathro, Kent & Rogers. Moved after 1 year to 54 Broadview)

2e of Broadview – BERTRAM Jacob (car conductor. Moved after 1 year to 1 Bell)

3e of Broadview – FLINT Albert J (of Grote & Flint. Moved after 1 year to Quebec)

4e of Broadview – SCHOFF Elgin (Barrister at 90 Church street)

South side-not built on.

NB: These numbers never existed in the directories after this year.


North side

No 6; GREER John (of Smith, Rae & Greer)

No 8; POWELL Frank R

No 22; STROWGER Walter

These numbers were not present for the next few years.

South side

6-8 x unfinished houses.


North side

No 10; KEANE Cynthia (widow Albert)

No 12; POWELL Francis R

No 52; SWANTON Samuel

No 54; SCHOFF Elgin

Howland Road

No 144; JUTSON Thomas

No 146; MANDER Henry

No 148; DUNTON Silas

No 150; ANDERSON John C

South side

No 111; vacant

No 113; vacant

No 115; TAYLOR William

No 117; POLLOCK John

No 119; vacant

No 121; vacant

No 123; vacant

No 125; vacant

Howland Road


North side

No 124; McCORD Samuel

South side

No 111; POOLE William

No 113; JOHNSON Charles

No 119; POULTON William


No 123; WORTH Robert

No 125; PHILLIPS John

Howland Road


North side

No 100; ALLISON John

No 102; vacant

No 118; POLLOCK John

No 120; CRAWFORD John

No 122; McCORD Samuel

No 124; MOORE Harry

No 126; JOHNSTON Adam

No 128; vacant

No 130; MacBEAN Angus

No 132; WALTON Franklin

Howland Road


North side

No 102; SUMMERS George

No 104; GIBLING George

No 128; THORN Charles

Howland Road

South side

No 73; BRADLEY Albert

No 75; ALISON Andrew

No 77; CHRISHOLM Daniel

No 79; MABLEY Elisha T

No 81; SMITH Isaac D

Howland Road

No 197; vacant

No 199; BONGARD Conrad


North side

No 8; ADIE Edward

South side

Howland Road

No 197; HILL Alexander


North side

Logan Store se


North side

No 96; unfinished

No 98; unfinished


North side

No 96; HARRISON George

No 98; WILSON John


North side

Howland Road

No 158; PERSALL John C

No 160; vacant

South side

No 23; WOODCROFT William

No 109; GRACEY William


North side

No 134; vacant

No 136; DIMOND Arthur

Howland Road

No 142; TEDD Joseph

No 152; CALLIGHEN Ernest

No 154; NEWTON George

No 160; GALLAGHER James

No 168; ROBB Alfred

No 170; vacant

South side

No 105; BURNILL Walter

No 107; FREEMAN Henry

4 x unfinished houses


North side

No 58; SPARKHALL William

No 60; WEST Albert

No 62; IGLESTROM Frederick W


No 66; AUSTIN William

No 68; ROBINSON Edwin

No 134; REDWAY Stanley

Howland Road

No 170; DAVIS James

South side

No 37; YATES George

No 39; WARNAULT Octave

No 41; BULLEY Charles

No 43; LISTER Henry

No 45; MORROW William

No 47; JOHNSTON Edward

No 99; PINKERTON James A

No 101; HENTHORN Adam

Howland Road


North side

No 16; vacant

No 28; BRICK John

No 50; CALLADINE John K (no record of No 50 in 1908-possibly changed house number, Calladine lived in No 46 in 1908)

No 70; vacant

No 72; vacant

No 92; vacant

No 112; vacant

No 114; vacant

No 116; vacant

Howland Road

South side

No 25; SPARLING William

No 27; LYDIATT Mrs. Bertha

No 29; HUTTON Mrs. Mary

No 31; CASHMAN Albert E

No 53; SHERIDEN Frederick

No 55; DAY Frederick W

No 57; BLACKLOCK Stephen

No 59; vacant

No 61; RAWLESS George

No 63; PYE Charles

No 103; vacant

Howland Road

No 133; LYONS William

No 135; PATTERSON George S

No 137; PRITCHARD Robert

No 139; DOLSON George

No 141; vacant

No 143; WILLIAMS Mrs. Sarah

No 145; WATT John

No 147; DICKEY Alfred

No 149; HAYDEN George


North side

No 14; McCORD Samuel

No 16; GRADY John

No 18; GRADY John

5 x unfinished houses

No 70; LIGHTLE Robert J

No 72; URMY George W

2x unfinished houses

No 92; AYRE Howard

No 112; YORKE George F

No 114; ANDREWS William

No 116; CHALMERS George

Howland Road

No 162; WILLIAMSON George

No 164; MITCHELL Edward

No 166; GILL William

South side

No 33; vacant

No 35; McBRIDE Mrs. Monica

No 59; McCLURE Mrs. Ann

No 103; MILLWARD John

Howland Road

No 141; DALE George W

No 151; McGRATH Henry A

No 153; unfinished

No 155; unfinished

Logan Avenue


North side

No 30; CONBOY Daniel

No 36; EDWARD John

No 38; FROST Harold R

No 40; GRAHAM Samuel R

No 42; DOBSON William C T

No 44; MORRISON James


No 74; ASMUS Charles

No 76; HOOD Arthur

No 78; vacant

No 80; vacant

No 82; MacLEAN Donald

Howland Road

No 172; MISKELLY William

No 174; HODGKINSON Joseph

No 176; FISHER Alfred

No 178; LUCAS Charles

Logan Avenue

No 192; Sporting Goods store;

APPLETON Walter when did 192 become a store?

South side

No 1; MAINS Henry


No 5; BROWN Walter

No 7; DAVIE Robert

No 9; WEST H Glanville (music teacher)

No 11; WEBSTER Colin

No 13; LIGHTLE William

No 15; TOBINS William

No 17; vacant

No 19; vacant

No 21; MILLS William

No 33; GUNN Rev. William T

No 93; vacant

No 95; vacant

No 97; vacant

Howland Road

No 153; vacant

No 155; HERRON Archibald G

No 157; JUDGE Thomas

No 159; BODY James

No 161; DOUGLAS John

No 163; BRODIE William C (becomes a grocery store in 1910)


North side

No 32; HILL Richard J

No 78; WESTAWAY William

No 80; CATES William

South side

No 17; LEWIS John

No 19; ROSS Donald C

No 93; GREY Thomas

No 95; WHALEY William

No 97; SEAL Robert

Howland Road

No 153; HAZEL Mrs. Etta

Logan Avenue

No 205; DAVIE Alfred A

1910 North side

No 108; DOHERTY Robert

No 110; MACIVER John K

No 182; BARRETT Mrs. Ann J

South side

No 49; JOHNSTON Frank

No 51; DAY Frederick W

No 83; NORRIS Mrs. Jetta


North side

No 182; McFADYEN Thos, Arthur & George.

No 184; BARRETT Mrs. Ann

South side

Logan Avenue

No 205; vacant


North side

No 106; TRAILL Mrs. Agnes H

Howland Road

No 140; RIDOUT Samuel

Logan Avenue

No 194; vacant

South side

No 85; vacant


Logan Avenue

No 203; EYOY Jeremy

No 211; WAUCHOPE Thos W

No 213;


North side

Logan Avenue

South side

No 85; YOUNG Henry


North side

No 20; SHRUBB Alfred

Logan Avenue

South side

Logan Avenue

No 201; TURNBULL Rev John R

No 207; vacant

No 209; PRESTON Leon

13 x unfinished houses


North side

Logan Avenue

No 226; BAILEY John

South side

Logan Avenue

No 205; MANN Albert

No 207; vacant


South side

Logan Avenue

No 207; FRYDAY Frank

No 211;  WAUCHOPE Thos

No 213; CURZON John

No 215; ANDREWS John

No 217; RICHARDS Mrs. Mary

No 219; COX Arthur

No 221; McLAREN John

No 223; LOCKE William S


No 225; McCAULEY Annie

No 227; RIGNEY Mary A

RIGNEY Kate Music teacher


North side

Howland Road

No 156; LEMON William J

No 180; LUCAS Chas R


North side

Logan Avenue

No 218; SPALL Arthur F

No 220; WHITE Frank T


No 224; SCOTT William A

No 226; DRYBOROUGH David


North side

Logan Avenue

No 206; STEVENS Mrs. Edna

No 208; HAMLIN William G

No 210; SIMMONS Isidore

No 212; MUTLOW Jas

No 214; COLEMAN Mrs. Agnes

No 216; COLES Jas


North side

No 56/56A; vacant

South side

Logan Avenue

No 229; RYAN John

No 231; HAYMAN Syrtle

No 233; LOCK John

No 235; McFAYDEN Archibald

No 237; SHERIFF David


North side

No 56/56A; 56; BLACKLOCK Margaret A

56A; BEATTY William

Logan Avenue

No 194; CONNOLLY John C

No 196; DOUGLAS Geo

No 198; JOHNSTON Robert

No 200; CAY William


South side

Howland Road

No 163; Stitchcraft Specialist Sportswear Store

(1950-Sinclair’s Bakery)

(1988-became residence to POTVIN R A –owner of the store to at least 2001)


North side

No 48/50;



North side

No 48/50;



North side

No 8; Riverdale Park Nursery School

(1950-Catholic Children’s Nursery School)

(Closed in 1983, Apartments built in 1988)


North side

No 4; WIATR Edward

No 6; LAI Simon


South side

No 9a; TOUSIGNANT Jocelyn


No 49; vacant A?




South side

No 71; who?

Historial Pictures of Riverdale

This is a picture of the Don Jail taken from Munro Street.

This is a drawing of the House of Refuge that was located on the West side of Broadview between Langley and Riverdale.

Information about Riverdale Park
Riverdale Library

The Other Victor Avenue M8V 2L8-9

We are not alone. In Etobicoke there is another Victor Avenue.

Historical Remembrance

This was found on a 50plus Discussion Forum

It contains some spelling errors and inappropriate language but I learned..

  • General Steel Wares at River and Gerrard
  • Crown Movie Theatre at Broadview on Gerrard (589 Gerrard St. Ha 0583) (East corner Broadview and Gerrard)
  • Loblaws on Broadview just south of Gerrard
  • Catholic orphanage at the corner of Broadview and Victor Ave

Wow what memoreys! thanks for sharing. I lived all over Toronto as a kid. I think we were always one step ahead of the bailiff. Was born on Leslie St north of Queen and went to Leslie St School. Lived on gerrard west of of,crap, forget the street ,but Browns Bread was there and my brother had a bread route around Greenwood Park with the wonder horse Prince. My brother was a wonderfull racontour and he had great storys about Prince going all the way back to the charge of the light brigade. Went to Pape school then. Lived on Victor ave north of Gerrard.Went to Withrow School. Thats when the Boyd gang escaped from the Don Jail.  (November 4, 1951) I wore my six shooter to school that day in hopes of capturing these desperadoes .LOL Lived on Woodbine and went to Norway Public. Got the strap from Mr. Lilly for forgetting my speller in grad 4. Moved to Scarberia and went to Wexford public and then went to work for a living. Worked at all kinds of jobs. Worked for Tommy Morgans esso. think that was at marjory and gerrard. Worked at sinnot News in the old war time buildings off of Eglington in Scarberia. Delivered telegrams for CP down around Front and Young. I knew ever building and alley in those days. Scares the heck out of me now to drive down there. Used to get the best corn beef sandwiches on Richmond St near the liquor store. The Hickery dell was the name. My Mom worked at General Steel wares at River and Gerrard and so did I for awhile in the mid fiftys.
But I liked the movie theatres on Saturdays. There was the Crown at Broadview on Gerrard, the Pape,Bonita,Prince of Wales on Danforth. Gosh it was great. Two movies of my heroes Roy,Gene, Lash Larue etc on a Saturday along with the serials and a cartoon. Sometimes they would have live on stage some guy who could really work a yoyo. The thing is those movie heroes taught us manners and to be a good guy.I feel sorry for the kids today that they don`t have the same kind of heroes.
There was a Loblaws on Broadview just south of gerrard. I stole a wagen and used to make money carting grocerys for folks. If you owned the wagen I apologize. Delivered for Tamblyns drug store on Broadview and I was so small I had to ride the bike under the bar.
When I got enough money together my friend Mike and I would go on a sunday afternoon to watch St. Mikes and Marlies square off. My Pal Mike was a Dogan and we would continually scrap,me being a prod and all. Fifteen minutes later with fresh bandages applyed he would be calling up at our third floor flat to come out and play. Remember snatching ice slivers off the ice truck. Gosh that tasted good.Best money I ever got was working the Pop stand during BINGO games at the Mick Church on McCaul St. Mostly Jewish women.. I think it was called st Patricks. $10.00 bucks for the night. Father Cassidy was the guys name. Remember he asked me if i could get another honest boy to work. I said sure Father my friend, his father is a minister. I didn`t realize then why he chuckeled ,but he said to bring him out. My friends father found out and he was forbidden to work any longer. Anyway ,moved out to the Queensway and then joined the Army. Best thing I ever did. Sorry if I bored you all.
Yes Toronto was safer if you ask me. Mostly white folks in those days,but we still fought as kids. Mostly Prods and Micks and sometimes the Jews. But we never killed anyone.Just a bloody lip or a a black eye and steal your opponents bag of alleys and add them to your collection.
Oh yah! There was a catholic orphanage at the corner of Broadview and Victor Ave. Gosh I felt really sorry for those kids. It was like they were in jail looking through the barred gate. I used to buy or steal one cent candy to give to them. Wonder what ever happened to those little kids?
I thought they were so poor I didn`t realize how poor we were. Feb 26 2007, 02:53 PM

Harry Potter lived on Victor Avenue

If you check the 1911 Census you will find Harry Potter living at 1 Victor Avenue. He was 23.

1 Victor Ave

5 3 Potter Margaret Jane 1 Victor Ave F Head W May 1852 59

6 3 Lord May Elizabeth F Daughter S Jul 1872 38

7 3 Potter Harry Roland Angus? M Son S Dec 1887 23


Riverdale Park 1912

This is a picture of Riverdale Park in 1912.

You can search these photos at the Archives of Toronto on line. Kevin at 15 Victor gave me the link.