GPS Thefts

Be careful with your GPS, two people have reported car break ins and thefts of their GPS in and around the Victor Avenue


3 Responses

  1. These are likely attributable to the prostitution and drug business being run out of 435 Broadview.

  2. My car got broken into during Aug long weekend. They rummaged through the car and didn’t take several other items worth value. My neighbor who drives a bmw said the same thing happen to her recently and they were looking for GPS units.

    I believe that the GPS holders that stick to the windshield set them off. I use mine to hold my phone.

    While my car has an alarm, its only activated when the door opens. They seem to know this which is why they only reach in through the window, so no sound is made.

    Would love it if we could catch someone in the act.

    Please report any other cars you’ve seen broken into here.

  3. Another broken window, Labour day long weekend (again, a long weekend) on Simpson Ave, pretty close to the same spot mine was broken into. Not sure who’s car but it appears to have been on a Sunday night.

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